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From the beginning, we have integrated all the knowledge and service concepts accumulated by working in the hospitality industry for years into the company’s development process.
Now, Dream Threads has become one of the primary brands and suppliers in the hotel linen industry.

Dedicated to providing affordable hospitality linens, towels, bathrobe, quilts and table linens. Hotel linen supplier Dream Threads has become a great brand to cooperate with. Our clients come from all over the world.

Who we are?

Dream Threads is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tailored solutions and high quality products, manufacturing bed linen and towels for comprehensive hospitality services.We have captured a high market share in many countries, and our products have reached many customers as a central supplier for their hospitality textiles.


The factory was established in Saudi Arabia in 2015 by a group of the most skilled pioneers in the textile industry with long experience in tourism and hotel supplies, as we at the Dream Threads Factory realize the importance of providing our customers with the best products in terms of quality, comfort and elegance.


Our specialization in supplying hotel linens to the hospitality sector and luxury bed linens to distinguished families reflects our commitment to meeting the highest standards of elegance, luxury and beauty.Whether you are a hotel owner looking to improve your guests’ experience, or you are a family member looking for luxury and comfort, we have the ideal solutions for you.

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We manufacture a wide range of premium and luxurious bed sheets, bath linens, towels, bed covers, mattresses, pillows and hospital linen products ideally designed for the hospitality and hospital sector.

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